One of the most amazing fishing destinations in the world

The magnificent coast of Playa de Oro Lodge, located in the north of Colombia along the border with Panama, is bathed throughout the year by different sea currents, concentrating a large amount of forage fish, this attracts an immense variety of large predatory fish in search of fed up. This factor, combined with the preservation, isolation and natural characteristics of the region make Playa de Oro Lodge one of the best destinations in the world for sport fishing today!

And in addition to one of the best fishing conditions, Playa de Oro Lodge is a great destination for families, as it offers its visitors the opportunity to have unforgettable trips, such as taking guided tours of different coves and deserted beaches, walking along trails and getting to know beautiful waterfalls, go to the village of Mutis to get to know the local culture and the Baudó Botanical Garden, practice free diving or autonomous diving, birdwatching with the possibility of seeing more than 800 species cataloged, whale watching, and many other activities.. These are just some of the attractions offered by Playa de Oro Lodge to its nature lovers and Ecotourism practitioners!

The first sight, what delights everyone upon arrival at the Lodge are the huge palm trees by the sea, just ahead are the flower gardens that frame the deck in front of the sea, from where you can relax listening to the birds singing, try to spot the whales jumping over the horizon or just enjoying the sunset!

To accommodate everyone who comes looking for a magical day at Praia Dourada, the Lodge offers spacious and airy rooms with balcony, all with private bathroom, comfortable beds, and air conditioning.

The restaurant is one of the most frequented spaces in the Lodge, as in addition to the privileged view of the bay, it offers delicious and varied dishes that delight everyone. Of course, the base of the menu is fish, but if you prefer other dishes, don't worry, the menu is quite extensive and pleases the most refined palates.

For fishermen, the range of possibilities is infinite, fishing is very good in every column of water, from the bottom to the surface, and the effectiveness in all types of fishing is enormous throughout the year. It is always necessary to be attentive, because at any time there is a “risk” of catching a monster from the depths, invariably they come to the surface to check the fishermen's baits, so it is wise to always be prepared and with dimensioned equipment!!!

We can start fishing right at the exit of the beach, no more than 10 minutes of slow navigation. At the beginning of the route, depending on the desired fish, you can throw the baits into the sea. Fishing locations are as varied as possible, such as mangroves, sheltered bays, coastal rocks, islands, shallow and deep parcels, sandy beaches and rocky beaches, among other structures. As the location is central, you can easily reach all points such as Cabo Marzo, Bahia Cupica, Punta Ardita and return, as appropriate. Some fishing spots offer conditions for different techniques, while other spots require specific techniques for certain species, and the captains of Playa de Oro Lodge are experts in all traditional techniques!

Fishing plan: The packages for Playa de Oro Lodge can be configured according to the needs of each fisherman or group, the plans are from 2 days of fishing and offer all the structure for the fisherman and his friends or his family to have a wonderful experience. Throughout the year there is a great variety of sport species, high fishing potential with an incidence of large shoals.

Fish: The main targets are: Great Tunas, Blue and Black Marlins, Sailfish, Roosterfish, Wahoo, Grouper, Sharks, Bull's Eyes and Pitangolas, Great Sea Bass, Snappers, Dorado do Mar, Treus, and many other species... A total list comprises more than 40 species of sport fish.

All-inclusive packages for up to 20 fishermen (and accompanying persons) per week, plans include two nights' accommodation in Medellin, all transfers between airports and hotel; at the Lodge accommodation in a double or family apartment with full meals; boats from 25 to 32 feet fully equipped for up to four fishermen, with captain and sailor, with free fuel and snacks on board throughout the fishing trip, with soft drinks, beer and water; for groups we offer accompaniment of a Brazilian guide during the fishing period; we provide guidance and assistance in the selection and selection of all fishing equipment; laundry service at the hotel, travel insurance and fishing license. Extra expenses only personal expenses, so the fisherman only cares about fishing!!!

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